About us

DRAFT PoliTo is a student team at Politecnico di Torino that researches and develops innovative solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence with the goal of increasing the autonomy of current drone technology. The Team was founded in 2019 to promote the technical and social growth of students by engaging challenging projects and competitions. The Team is a wide multicultural and multidisciplinary community whose members come from several education levels and fields of study. The Team is organized into groups.


Robotic Systems

Handles design, assembly, integration, verification and validation including testing of aeromechanic and avionic systems. Performs software DevOps (Development and Operations) and develops virtual environments for the integrated simulation of robotic systems.

Deep Learning
and Computer Vision

Focuses on proximity obstacle avoidance, decision making processes and strategy policy identification.
Performs environment perception and mission target localization by exploiting stereovision.

Obstacle Avoidance
and Motion Planning

Oversees path optimization, including computational mapping, motion planning, optimal control and path tracking.
Performs behavioral prediction by exploiting real time data elaboration, data skimming and selective attention.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Addresses architecture design and integration of sensors suite for detection and localization. Performs sensor data acquisition, analysis and fusion for performing state estimation.

Business & Outreach

Supports the Team through administration activities such as business development, finances and outreach.


Academic Advisors

Prof. Giorgio Guglieri
Prof. Fabio Dovis

Robotic Systems

Dario Riccobono – Group Leader
Edoardo Destro – Squad Leader
Alessandro Peiretti – Squad Leader
Vincenzo Ruotolo – Squad Leader

Alessandro Aiello
Desirée Colasanti
Maradon Hasanaj
Martina Pippa
Pasquale Viola
Marko Zotaj

Deep Learning
and Computer Vision

Francesco Marino – Group Leader
Matteo Bevione – Squad Leader
Alberto Gullino – Squad Leader

Matteo Carlascio
Carlo Cena
Francesco Dibitonto
Stefano Gioda

Mattia Mariantoni
Jean Carlos Quito Casas
Mohammad Valipour

Obstacle Avoidance
and Motion Planning

Luigi Mascolo – Group Leader
Lorenzo Petrozzino – Squad Leader
Alessandro Princi – Squad Leader

Nadim Aride
Alessandro Burzio
Simone Cerrato
Mattia Dambrosio
Antonino Gandolfo

Giuseppe Petti
Martina Valle
Gabriele Vittori
Alberto Za

Simultaneous Localization
and Mapping

Erik Garofalo – Group Leader
Giovanni Pizzolante – Squad Leader
Nicola Rutigliano – Squad Leader

Cesare Caputi
Giacomo Cavallero
Luca Cecchini
Ruben Dimitri
Antonio Ettore Epifani

Edoardo Fioriti
Simone Godio
Nunzio Villa
Francesco Vultaggio

Business & Outreach

Alessandra Caporale – Squad Leader Giulia Maniscalco – Squad Leader

Andrea Lai
Virginia Mencarelli
Filippo Rampolla
Virginia Stinchi