About us

DRAFT PoliTo is a student team at Politecnico di Torino that researches and develops innovative solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence with the goal of increasing the autonomy of current drone technology. The Team was founded in 2019 to promote the technical and social growth of students by engaging in challenging projects and competitions. The Team is a wide multicultural and multidisciplinary community whose members come from several education levels and fields of study. The Team is organized into the following groups, managed by Group Leaders (GLs) and conducting R&TD (Research and Technology Development) activities under the supervision of Squad Leaders (SLs).


Robotic Systems

Handles the analysis, design, fabrication, assembly, integration, and test of aeromechanic and avionic systems. Performs software DevOps and develops virtual environments for the integrated simulation of robotic systems.

Deep Learning
and Computer Vision

Focuses on proximity obstacle avoidance, decision making processes and strategy policy identification.
Performs environment perception and mission target localization by exploiting stereovision.

Obstacle Avoidance
and Motion Planning

Oversees path optimization, including computational mapping, motion planning, optimal control and path tracking.
Performs behavioral prediction by exploiting real time data elaboration, data skimming and selective attention.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Addresses architecture design and integration of sensors suite for detection, localization and mapping. Performs sensor data acquisition, analysis and fusion to perform state estimation.

Business & Outreach

In addition to providing crucial support in business development, finances, and outreach, this role serves as a linchpin for internal communication ensuring seamless information flow within the organization. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in supply chain management, overseeing procurement processes and optimizing inventory levels for timely deliveries. By leveraging data-driven insights, this individual contributes to streamlining the supply chain and enhancing operational efficiency.


Academic Advisors

Prof. Giorgio Guglieri
Prof. Fabio Dovis

Team Leader

Francesco Marino

Administration Responsible

PhD Luigi Mascolo

Robotic Systems

Alessandro Peiretti – SL
Francesco Rosati – SL
Nicholas Filippini – SL
Giorgia Casadei – SL

Gabriele Angelo Pelissero Davide Di Santis Francesco Piccionello Lorenzo Boglione Mattia Bracci
Diletta Compagnone Gaetano Ferraro Mattia Modenese Gerardo De Chiara Michele Della Vecchia

Luca Florio
Claudia Galliano
Umberto Minasola
Ahmad Rahmani Javinani
Samuele Rossin 

Deep Learning
and Computer Vision

Matteo Bevione – SL 
Carlo Cena – SL
Jean Carlos Quito Casas  – SL
Nunzio Villa – SL
Vincenzo Pio Ruotolo – SL

Stefano Gioda
Davide Buoso
Davide Fassio 

Claudio Giuseppe Messina
Alessandro Molinar Roet
Nima Naderi Ghotbodini 

Obstacle Avoidance
and Motion Planning

Andrea Fasano – SL

Mirko Giordano
Riccardo Colia 

Simultaneous Localization
and Mapping

Simone Godio – SL
Alessandro Minervini – SL 

Francesco Vultaggio
Francesco Gallareto

Tiziano Allara 
Giulio Chinnici

Business & Outreach

Alessandra Caporale – SL
Chiara Campanale – SL 

Francesco Perasole
Alessio Sorrentino
Doruk Cetinkaya 

Masoud Rahimiazar