Who we are?

DRAFT PoliTo is a student team at Politecnico di Torino that researches and develops innovative solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence to increase the autonomy of current drone technology. The Team was founded in 2019 to promote students’ technical and social growth by engaging in challenging projects and competitions. The Team is a wide multicultural and multidisciplinary community whose members come from several education levels and fields of study. The Team is managed by Group Leaders (GLs) and conducts R&TD (Research and Technology Development) activities under the supervision of Squad Leaders (SLs).

Our Mission

To promote students’ technical and social growth by undertaking challenging projects and to increase the autonomy of current drone technology by researching and developing innovative solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence.

Our Vision

DRAFT aims to revolutionize the field of autonomous drone technology through sustainable innovation and dedicated research. We aspire to be pioneers in creating intelligent, eco-friendly drone solutions that not only advance technical capabilities but also address environmental and societal challenges. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, we aim to empower students to become the next generation of leaders in technology and sustainability.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We are committed to accelerating our efforts to progress through its equal and unbiased opportunities for prospective members and its outreach activities that facilitate youth empowerment in sciences and technology in a socially and economically inclusive manner. We are an equal opportunity provider. 

DRAFT’s existing membership and outreach activities show that it has achieved great diversity and inclusivity in its membership, in terms of gender ratio ( male: female ratio), and member composition (e.g. students versus young professionals; STEM versus other backgrounds).