DRones Autonomous Flight Team

Our Mission

DRAFT PoliTo researches and develops innovative solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence with the goal of increasing 
the autonomy of current drone technology. The Team promotes students’ technical and social growth¬†
by engaging in challenging projects and competitions.

Drone as a
development platform

End-to-end project design, fabrication, integration,
test and operation

Exploration of new methods and technologies to boost drone autonomy

Assessment of achievements by participating in competitions

Quick Facts



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Autonomous drone navigation stands as a cornerstone in the evolution of this technology.
It relies on advanced sensors, artificial vision systems, and AI algorithms trained to process real-time information from the surrounding environment. These drones possess the ability to perceive and interpret the world around them, enabling them to navigate obstacles, establish optimal routes, and swiftly respond to unforeseen circumstances. This capability empowers autonomous drones to operate in complex and dynamic scenarios, including critical infrastructure inspections, surveillance of areas affected by natural disasters, and even search and rescue missions.

Our Research

DRAFT PoliTo constantly promotes research and technology development projects to acquire know-how and explore new approaches and innovative solutions.

Our Competition

Discover how we push the boundaries of autonomous drone technology, demonstrating its potential in real-world scenarios and competitions. Discover more about out journey of ingenuity and collaboration.